Why do you need diagnostic service repair for your car?

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  • spend less now, rather than a lot later

  • keeps the resale value of the car high


  • for you and your family


  • to be sure to get from point A to B


  • pleasure to drive a car that's in perfect condition

If you are looking for a reliable, friendly automotive engineer to diagnose, service or repair your car, please call me. I will be happy to take care of your car, give you some advice and tips about your car.

Having the latest diagnostic equipment and being an automotive engineer with a University Diploma, I will be able to diagnose your car electronics and pinpoint possible problems before they do some possible damage to your car.


Mobile Diagnostic

  • Computer scan ECU for codes

  • Ignition (primary & secondary)

  • starter and charging system

  • Oxygen sensors/ MAF/ MAP etc...

  • Crank & Cams sensors

  • Relative compression test

  • Injection and fuel pump 

Oil for the Car


  • Standard service + (Diagnostic)

  • Full service + (Diagnostic) 

Car Repair

Mobile Repair

  • Diagnose repair

  • Small repair

  • Broken down on the road